About the Company

First thing is first… you may be asking yourself how the heck do you say our name.  It’s pronounced either kay-lus or see-loos Minds, both are acceptable.

Our name stems from the Latin word for sky. It's a heart-held mission statement that the sky is the limit when it comes to technology, it just felt right.  We like to say “...our minds are in the clouds…” which in the classic idiom would imply that we’re unaware of what is happening around us, which couldn't be further from the truth. We simply like to find perspectives on solutions where few else think to go. 

The idea behind CaelusMinds was started when a group of peers got together for lunch every few weeks and started discussing wild and crazy ideas to simplify and better each other's lives through the use of technology in the work place. 

Sultan took these conversations to heart and decided that we shouldn't be the only ones to benefit from these ideas and concepts and sought to bring it to market in the form of powerful consultation and development strategies.